Science Fiction

Science Fiction

Join aliens, a wild robot, & more on writing adventures that are “out of this world!” This 4-week science fiction writing class includes a weekly 1-hour Zoom call, Google Classroom materials, & personal feedback.


8 students


Class Description: Science Fiction Writing Class

*Important: Read a science fiction book or short story before starting class! (I will also provide sample text from different science fiction stories.)

👽👧😺 Lesson 1: Spotlight on: Animorphs series
Identify the classic elements of a science fiction story. Read sample text from the Animorphs series and discuss its science fiction elements. What if YOU could transform into an animal?

🤖🐣 Lesson 2: Spotlight on: The Wild Robot
Using mentor text from The Wild Robot, we will brainstorm “what ifs…” about super intelligent robots and technology. Students will create their own robot character and send it on an important mission.

☀️🌏🚀 Lesson 3: Spotlight on: Mutant Mosquitoes from Mercury
Read aloud Dav Pilkey’s Mutant Mosquitoes from Mercury. Discuss qualities of heroes and villains. Students will write a short science fiction story featuring advanced vocabulary and items from three lists.

👽👽 Lesson 4: Spotlight on: Third from the Sun and Pattern (short stories)
Aliens have landed! Identify the classic elements of science fiction in two short stories. Learn how to write a twist ending. Students will choose a “story starter” and finish it with a twist ending!


I have 24 years of writing and editing experience, including three years as a writing instructor. I love helping kids learn new skills while having fun along the way!

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Fall 2021

New: Historical Fiction: Back in Time
New: Science Fiction: Aliens in Space
And all previous workshops will be offered throughout the Fall 2021 semester!

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