Amazing Animals

Amazing Animals

Discover the wonderful (and sometimes weird!) world of animals in fiction and non-fiction in this 4-week class. Includes weekly 1-hour Zoom call, engaging materials hosted on Google Classroom, and personal feedback.


10 students


Class Description:

🐴 Lesson 1: Amazing Animal Characters in Fiction
Discuss animal main characters in award-winning fiction books like The One and Only Ivan and popular series like Warriors. Create a new animal character.

🐎 Lesson 2: My Animal in Action
Write a short story featuring your animal character from Lesson 1. Discuss other ways to say “said” when writing dialogue. Learn and discuss new sentence openers to vary your writing.

🐡 Lesson 3: Explore Wacky Animals in Non-fiction
Weird and wonderful! From hagfish to blobfish, we’ll dig up the dirt (or seawater!) on little-known animals! Review sentence openers, and use them in an informative article about a wacky animal you research.

🦜 Lesson 4: Look! A Pandemonium of Parrots!
Ever seen a crash of rhinos? Or a loveliness of ladybugs? Learn fun collective nouns for animals. Create your own colorful collection of creatures in an ABC book, poem, or story.


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