A Tribute: Dog Man

Dog Man: A Tribute

Inspired by Dav Pilkey’s books, students will create funny characters, stories with serious life lessons (thanks Lil’ Petey!), #DoGood journals, and much more! This 4-week class includes a weekly 1-hour Zoom call, Google Classroom materials, & personal feedback.

3 and up

8 students


Class Description: A Dav Pilkey Inspired Writing Class

😂 Lesson 1: Dog Man’s Punny Titles and Funny Characters

Learn about puns and humor using examples from the Dog Man series (For Whom the Ball Rolls, Lord of the Fleas, Grime and Punishment, etc.) Discuss aspects of character development like appearance, personality traits, and behavior. Students will develop their own character as a new friend for Dog Man, Li’l Petey (aka Cat Kid), and 80-HD the robot.

💪 Lesson 2: Life Lessons With Lil’ Petey

Stories often help us learn life lessons. The Dog Man series shares many powerful life lessons, such as: “This world has a lot of problems…but it could never be a horrible place… because you’re in it.” And: “It’s not about who we’ve been, Papa…It’s about who we can become.” Students will use their character from the Week 1 assignment and create a short comic / story featuring Dog Man and the Supa Buddies. The story will include a life lesson.

🙌 Lesson 3: Be a Supa Buddy and #DoGood

An ongoing theme in the Dog Man series is that it’s not enough to just “be good,” but we must also “do good.” Students will do something good everyday for one week, and write about it in a Supa Buddy journal. As a class, we will also create a villain that tries to stop you and your character from doing good. It’s not always easy, but be strong and #DoGood anyway! Try making a Flip-o-Rama that shows the villain’s defeat!

🦸‍♂️ Lesson 4: How Captain Underpants Was Born

As a student who struggled with ADHD and dyslexia, author Dav Pilkey was often sent into the hallway for disruptive behavior. He was understandably bored in the hallway, and that’s where he created comic books about superheroes that eventually became Dog Man and Captain Underpants. We will discuss Pilkey’s use of alliteration, advanced vocabulary, and other writing techniques. Students will use these same techniques to create a NEW adventure for Captain Underpants.


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