Creative writing classes for grades 3 & up

Every kid is a storyteller. Every kid can write. Every kid has something important (and funny!) to say.

The online writing classes for kids are non-sectarian, supportive, encouraging, creative, and brilliant! We have tons of fun together and learn a lot along the way. Make some friends. Discover your voice.

Available Classes: Nov/Dec final fall session

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Crazy Campout

Write acrostic poetry, a listicle, persuasive letter, & conduct research to make a nature trail!
4 wks, Mon, 3-4pm PST

Emotional Emojis

Use humorous mentor texts as models to write stories that explore emotions (& editing essentials)!
4 wks, Wed OR Thu, 10-11am PST

Coming in 2021!

In addition to the previous Pirate Adventure, Crazy Campout, Parts of Speech Party, and Emotional Emojis workshops, the following new classes will be offered in Spring 2021:

Mysterious Mysteries

Are you on the suspects list? Find out in this workshop and explore the elements of mystery writing.
5 wks, Jan/Feb 2021

Reader’s Theater

Write a short play, star in your classmates’ plays (or participate in other ways!), & perform on the Zoom stage! 5 wks, Feb/Mar 2021

Amazing Animals

A parliament of owls? A loveliness of ladybugs? Discover the amazing world of animals (in fiction and non-fiction)! 5 wks, Apr/May 2021

Summer Writing Camps

Surf’s up. The sun’s out. It’s time to dream, doodle, and draft your way through the summer months with writing camps! Schedule TBD

2021 Writing Workshop Descriptions

Mysterious Mysteries

Clever detectives will explore mystery writing in this 5-week workshop. $90

Week 1: Crack the case & uncover your code name. Learn new vocabulary.
Week 2: Develop a detective character & suspects list using graphic organizers.
Week 3: Create clues & red herrings to strengthen story ideas.
Week 4: Continue to plot, write, & edit.
Week 5: Final presentations & wrap-up.

The game’s afoot!

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Pirate Adventure

Our salty crew will learn how to write like a pirate in this 5-week workshop. $90

Week 1: Discover your pirate name. Learn new vocabulary & dialogue.
Week 2: Develop a pirate character using graphic organizers.
Week 3: Create exciting settings by sketching a treasure map.
Week 4: Plot & write, Matey.
Week 5: Final presentations & wrap-up.

Avast me hearties! It’s time to write!

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Crazy Campout

Campers will try a variety of writing styles in this 5-week workshop. $90

Week 1: Share nature-related experiences, and write acrostic poetry.
Week 2: Create an indoor/backyard nature trail using science resources.
Week 3: Write a humorous, nature-themed listicle style article.
Week 4: Choose an audience, conservation topic, & write a persuasive letter/poster.
Week 5: Final presentations & wrap-up.

Happy camping!

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Parts of Speech Party

Be an honored guest and strengthen your writing in this 5-week workshop. $90

Week 1: Create new Harry Potter-style “houses” and “sorting scene” using vivid adjectives & nouns.
Week 2: Be a Jedi and transform scenes & dialogue using strong verbs & adverbs.
Week 3: It takes someone like you to put the POW! in powerful. Create a superhero character and write a comic-style story using interjections and more.
Week 4: Write an original Mad Libs-style story to practice all parts of speech.
Week 5: Final presentations & wrap-up.

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Emotional Emojis & Editing Essentials

Students will explore emotions using emojis, fonts, & colors in this 5-week workshop. $90

Week 1: Re-tell or write a story using emojis to help express emotion.
Week 2: Learn revision techniques (delete, add, rearrange, exchange) to edit stories.
Week 3: Read The Book With No Pictures. Experiment with fonts and colors to express emotion in a new written story.
Week 4: Learn editing techniques (usage, capitalization, punctuation, spelling). Edit and format stories with
Week 5: Final presentations & wrap-up.

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Spring 2021: Registration Opening Soon!

The writing workshops are limited to 10 students per Zoom session and include private access to Google Classroom interactive slides, videos, audio recordings, one-hour weekly Zoom calls, weekly office hours, and personalized feedback on student work.

How to Pay

I am teaching students throughout the United States!

The Writer’s Workshop for Kids is an approved vendor for several charter schools for homeschoolers in the state of California. You may submit a PO for my workshops if you are a member of those charter schools. Contact me to find out if I’m an approved vendor for your charter school!

If you will be paying out-of-pocket, I accept payment via PayPal. Contact me for details and an invoice.

Workshop Sneak Peeks

Set off on an adventure on the high seas!
Get out while staying in! Join me on a Crazy Campout!

October 2020 news!

We’re off to an exciting start in the Pirate Adventure with homemade swords, sheaths, treasure boxes, and maps! (Not to mention a visit from Swampy Skunkbeard…) And rumor has it that Captain Moonfish is scheming a treasure hunt…by the light of the moon, of course.

We welcomed honored guests to the Parts of Speech Party, too! Our Hogwarts students are busy at work, creating new “houses” for Harry Potter. I can’t wait to read what you write next!

And in the Crazy Campout, we set off on virtual nature trails, finding desert chicory, desert cottontails, and even the Loch Ness Monster and a Phoenix along the way! Our imaginations are going full-speed ahead…

September 2020 news!

Wow! Kids are pitching tents in their backyards, setting up teepees, and roasting marshmallows on the stovetop to get into the Crazy Campout spirit. And they’re creating indoor/backyard nature trails with exciting creatures (including a dragon and teddy bear)!

And our brave buccaneers in the Pirate Adventure are recruiting a fearless crew, from a one-eyed cat to a noble monkey, and gathering a treasure trove of props (and ideas!) as they write their way to an adventure at sea.

I love hearing about all the collaboration among family members and classmates. Thank you for creating a supportive community of writers!

Family Feedback

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be part of this wonderful workshop. Pranav thoroughly enjoyed it & he is very eager to write & come back for more.

Mom of son, 9

Aisha & Zaynab really enjoyed the last class they took with you!  I had no complaints about taking writing classes!

Mom of daughters, 12 & 9

Your kids are amazing!

Dear Creative Writing Families,

We had an incredible time in class this week. We read a play aloud, written in “spoonerisms,” which means that the first sounds of neighboring words are swapped (a.k.a. Beeping Sleuty & Back and the Jeanstalk…). The kids really hammed it up and started using hilarious voices when reading their parts. I laughed so hard I cried in the second class.


I have 23 years of writing and editing experience, including three years as a writing instructor. I love helping kids learn new skills while having fun along the way!

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Spring Schedule

Jan 2021:
Pirate Adventure
Crazy Campout
Parts of Speech Party
New: Mysterious Mysteries

Feb/Mar 2021:
Crazy Campout
Emotional Emojis & Editing
New: Reader’s Theater
Others TBD

Apr/May 2021:
Pirate Adventure
Mysterious Mysteries
New: Amazing Animals
Others TBD

Summer Camps TBD

Photo Credit: Roby Gianstefani, FLATMIND