Creative writing classes for grades 3 & up

Every kid is a storyteller. Every kid can write. Every kid has something important (and funny!) to say.

The writing classes for kids are supportive, encouraging, creative, and brilliant! We have tons of fun together and learn a lot along the way. Make some friends. Discover your voice.

My Philosophy

Writing is about new ideas, self-expression, & putting your unique voice on the page. It’s discovering what you like to write & read. It’s learning that editing is a fun process. It’s sharing what you have to say!

Try a Lesson

Explore different genres & themes in fun, interactive online workshops. Includes engaging warm-up & brainstorming activities, mentor texts, multi-sensory resources, music and more!

Feedback Style

Personalized feedback, highlighting powerful sentences, word choice, & humor. Nurturing progress in technical skills like spelling & grammar with no fear of the dreaded red pen!

What parents are saying

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be part of this wonderful workshop. Pranav thoroughly enjoyed it & he is very eager to write & come back for more.

Parent of son, age 9

Aisha & Zaynab really enjoyed the last class they took with you!  I had no complaints about taking writing classes!

Parent of daughters, ages 14 & 12

What I’m saying about your kids

Dear Creative Writing Families,

We had an incredible time in class this week. We read a play aloud, written in “spoonerisms,” which means that the first sounds of neighboring words are swapped (a.k.a. Beeping Sleuty & Back and the Jeanstalk…). The kids really hammed it up and started using hilarious voices when reading their parts. I laughed so hard I cried in the second class.


I have 23 years of writing and editing experience, including 3 years as a writing instructor. I love helping kids learn new skills while having fun along the way!

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Contact me if you have any questions about The Writer’s Workshop for Kids.

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Photo Credit: Roby Gianstefani, FLATMIND