The best part about teaching is the laughs, ideas, and creativity we share! Thank you for your feedback and ongoing support. 🙌

2020-2023 online workshop feedback:

I sincerely appreciate [your feedback] and you as a teacher. You are one of the keepers for us. 

Mom of son, 9

We feel very fortunate to have found your classes. I can see her confidence growing from these sessions. I’m a teacher and have been sharing your website information with other teachers. I think it’s great what you’re doing.

Mom of daughter, 10

I wanted to say thank you again for how you invested in my boys last Spring! You truly were a bright spot in our day. You are a talented teacher and so great with the kids! 

Mom of sons, 1st & 3rd grade

I’m so happy to see how your [Pirate Adventure] workshop sparked something in him. To see him motivated to want to write and to want to do it all on his own without any help from me! 

Mom of son, 5th grade

Thank you for nurturing the creative side in her and inspiring her! She really needed this which I definitely wasn’t able to provide on my own.

Mom of daughter, 9

Ms. Ronni’s easy, welcoming, and humorous manner appealed to [my son] right away, and the way in which she scaffolded the steps to writing a story made the task enjoyable and manageable for him. He is now starting to think of himself as “a writer!” What more could we ask for? We look forward to taking more classes in the future.

Mom of son, 10

The girls have been loving your classes and have enjoyed writing their pirate stories. Thank you so much for that!

Mom of twin daughters, 12

My boys did enjoy your very creative and fun class and [my son] has been asking for more! 

Mom of sons, 11 & 10

When I think about where she was when we started your class (hating writing!) and where she is now (obsessed with writing!) I’m just amazed!

Mom of daughter, 10

[My son] has already almost completed his assignment – he is very engaged in your class – so thanks for that!  He hates writing, but clearly the right approach and the right teacher brings out the best of every student. We look forward to taking your other classes throughout the school year.

Mom of sons, 7 & 5

I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for taking the time to go through [my daughter’s] story and making so many positive comments and suggestions…I really appreciate the time you take with the kids and your positivity.

Mom of daughter, 12

Thank you so much for an amazing year. The girls started the year with writing and ELA way at the bottom of their list of favorite subjects. You have completely turned that around. They are so passionate about writing now! 

Mom of daughters, 8

Thank you for super fun classes. My son usually avoids writing but he is really enjoying your class. Usually I have to force him to sign up but with your classes it wasn’t hard to make him agree. 🙂 

Mom of son, 6th grade

Thank you so much for teaching this class. You’ve done an amazing job capturing the kids’ attention and teaching them without them even realizing it.

Mom of daughters, 11 & 8

Thank you very much for encouraging [my daughter] with positive feedback. She enjoys your class and loves writing the stories.

Mom of daughter, 8

Thanks for your amazing classes!! As a first-time homeschooler I was a little worried about what and how am I going to make him learn while having fun and you took care of it so perfectly!! 

Mom of son, 10

Just so thankful for everything do you!  This has been such a blessing. We are hoping to fill our year with your courses each month.

Mom of daughter, 6th grade

He’s worked so hard on his reading and I’m overjoyed to hear he was reading aloud in class!  You’ve encouraged him all along and made the class a safe space for him to feel comfortable reading, so thank you for that!

Mom of son, 11

[My son] took the iReady exam (required for the school) and his grade for literature comprehension had improved a lot this semester. His teacher suggests that it could be a result of writing his own story so he has a better understanding for the characters. So, it was nice to see how other aspects of language arts improved while his writing improved as well. 🙂

Mom of son, 10

I am glad I was recommended your classes! My kids love it. 

Mom of sons, 11 & 9

Thank you for your unique approach to teaching writing!

Mom of daughter, 9

You and the way you teach are priceless! I mean you got my reluctant writer to do writing!!!! Every time I’m like ok, you do a lot with your [other teacher] in writing, are you sure you want to continue with Ms. Ronni, he looks at me like I’m some crazy person lol.

Mom of son, 12 & daughter, 9

The kids love your class! 

Mom of son, 10 & daughter, 8

The twins really enjoyed class today, by the way. They’ve been giggling over a “Captain Skunkbeard” for the last hour. 🙂 Thank you for making this a fun experience for them!

Mom of daughters, 8

2009-2012 in-person workshop feedback:

You’ve certainly been a precious gem to us; to get Chloe to lift a pencil to paper is a tough task and you’ve made it happen for her!

Mom of daughter, 9

Aishah came back on Tuesday saying she really liked the class even though she thought she would hate it. Thank you for being you.

Mom of sons, 9 & 6, and daughter, 8

Thank you for such a great class today.  Robby really enjoyed himself, which is amazing considering how he has generally felt about writing! 🙂 

Mom of son, 11

Kaleb is thriving on the encouragement that
you have been giving him through your feedback on his work.

Mom of son, 2nd grade

Thank you for seeing what she is doing right and encouraging her where I can’t see the progress.

Mom of daughter, 9

Mariam has really enjoyed the class a lot.  It’s been nice for her to write on a regular basis while enjoying it rather than being forced to write and confused on what she should write about.  When she comes back from class she knows exactly what she will write about with no help from me (that’s the best part). 

Mom of daughter, 9

I just had to let you know that I had three families in a single day tell me how upset they were about your upcoming move. You were a hot topic during my meetings. They love you!

Education Specialist, Sky Mountain Charter School (2011)

Cooper actually said the class was fun, which is high praise from someone who really doesn’t like to write. 

Mom of sons, 11 and 9

They really enjoy your class and are having their best creative writing experience ever in your truly creative class. Your positive written feedback has been boosting their self-esteem and/or erased thoughts of having failed.

Mom of son, 12, and daughter, 9

Let’s write something together.