Write a Research Paper

Write a Research Paper

Learn how to write an engaging essay step-by-step in this 8-week class for middle schoolers. Includes weekly one-hour Zoom call, detailed materials hosted on Google Classroom, and personal feedback. *Also includes a one-on-one session with each student during the 7th week.


5 students


Class Description:

🤔 Lesson 1: Topic Selection
Read examples of effective essays. Select a research question / topic for your essay. Be sure it’s a topic that is personally interesting to you!

📚 Lesson 2: Conduct a Literature Review
Learn how to find high-quality sources for conducting the research. In particular, critically review websites and evaluate the source and quality of the information. (Who wrote / published the information? Is it current? etc.)

📒 Lesson 3: Note Taking and Paraphrasing
Learn strategies for note taking and paraphrasing research information. This helps prevent the “copy / paste problem” when using online sources.

💡 Lesson 4: Develop a Thesis Statement and Outline
Write the main topic sentence (thesis statement) for your essay. Using your notes from Lesson 3, create an outline for your paper.

✍️ Lesson 5: Partial Draft: Introduction and Body
Using your notes and outline, begin drafting your paper, including the introduction and 1-2 body paragraphs. Learn tips for developing an engaging hook in the introduction.

✍️ Lesson 6: Partial Draft: Body and Conclusion
Using your notes and outline, finish the rough draft of your paper, including the body paragraphs and conclusion. Review transition words, and include appropriate transitions in the draft.

🤩 Lesson 7: Bibliography and MLA Format
Learn how to format your paper and write a Works Cited page (bibliography) in MLA format. *This week, I will meet with each student individually to discuss detailed feedback and help with the formatting.

🥳 Lesson 8: Editing Tips and Final Draft
Students polish the final draft using helpful editing tips. Share essays with the group. Congratulations! You did it!


I have 25 years of writing and editing experience, and six years as a writing instructor.

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