Emotional Emojis

Emotional Emojis

Explore emotions and express powerful action using emojis, music, font styles, and photography in this 4-week class. Includes weekly 1-hour Zoom call, engaging materials hosted on Google Classroom, and personal feedback.


10 students


Class Description:

🙂 Lesson 1: Emotional Emojis
Join Emojilocks & the 3 bears…and Emojio & Juliet for fun twists on familiar tales! But beware the grumpy “off-screen” emoji! Use emojis to express emotion and action in your own original story.

🎵 Lesson 2: Feel the Beat
Listen to music. How does it make you feel? Write short scenes that describe what you imagine when you listen to music with a variety of beats and instruments!

🎨 Lesson 3: Fun Fonts
Experiment with fun font styles and colors to express different emotions and actions! Use mentor texts like Geronimo Stilton for helpful examples.

📷 Lesson 4: Picture Perfect
Some photos make you laugh out loud, while others can make you feel curious or sad. Look at a variety of photos and write scenes that make your readers laugh, cry, wonder, or gasp in surprise.


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