Warriors Cats

Warriors Cats Writing Class

Enter the wild! Writers are immersed in the Warriors world and use a variety of writing techniques to create new cat / animal characters and adventures. This 4-week class includes a weekly 1-hour Zoom call, Google Classroom materials, & personal feedback.

3 and up

8 students


Class Description: Warriors Cats Writing Class for Kids

😺 Lesson 1: Become a Writing Warrior

Receive a warrior name, and become an apprentice. Create clans using a different animal. Or, create one or more new cat clans to use in the Warriors world. Students will review parts of speech like nouns and adjectives to develop their new characters.

🌄 Lesson 2: Enter the Wild

Imagine a new world. Design new camps, bases, and headquarters for your animals. We will use the Warriors maps as inspiration. Students will implement literary devices like alliteration and imagery to create each setting.

🐾 Lesson 3: Loyalty! Betrayal! Animal Clans in Conflict

Conflicts in the series often involve loyalty and betrayal. Develop a new conflict for your animal clans! The Warriors books are packed with advanced vocabulary and creative ways to say “said” in dialogue. Students will learn and use new words in their stories.

🧗‍♀️ Lesson 4: Claw Your Way to a Cliffhanger

Each Warriors book resolves some problems while opening doors to dramatic new conflicts. A cliffhanger is a literary device that leaves unanswered questions and unresolved conflicts. This keeps readers on the edge of their seats, wondering what happens next! Create a cliffhanger that could lead to a second story…your sequel!


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