Reader’s Theater

Reader’s Theater

Students will study model reader’s theater scripts and write/perform a short script in this 4-week class. Includes weekly 1-hour Zoom call, engaging materials hosted on Google Classroom, and personal feedback.


10 students


Class Description:

🎭 Lesson 1: Welcome to the Stage!
Discuss elements of script writing such as title, cast of characters, parentheticals (notes about reading expression and gestures), dialogue, sound effects, and more. Analyze a sample script, and brainstorm ideas for your own story.

📚 Lesson 2: Night at the Improv
Practice reading aloud using different tones of voice. Read a sample script, and learn how to use hilarious “spoonerisms” in your writing.

🤩 Lesson 3: Practice Drama Skills
Share works in progress. Play drama games to practice drama skills and quick thinking. Read another example of a reader’s theater script and analyze how the author uses the elements of script writing.

🎟️ Lesson 4: Make a Playbill! It’s Showtime!
Create a playbill (program) for your play! Perform on the Zoom stage. Take a bow!


I have 24 years of writing and editing experience, including four years as a writing instructor. I love helping kids learn new skills while having fun along the way!

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Spring 2022

New: Poetry
New: Fantasy
New: A Tribute to Dogman
Previous workshops will be offered throughout the year!

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