Hi! My name is Ronni Rowland, and I’m the owner/instructor at The Writer’s Workshop for Kids. I have six years of experience teaching writing classes for kids!

My instructional approach is student-centered and emphasizes humor. I give kids choices, use positive reinforcement, invite interaction, and encourage kids to use humor and share personal experiences.

When students laugh, explore ideas, and collaborate with others, they make progress in writing. I highlight what kids are doing right and embed mini-lessons for improvement along the way.

And sometimes, students transform me into a character I’d LOVE to be! See the student drawing below! 😀

In my early years as a young mother, I worked from home as a writer and editor. My writing and editing experience includes 25 years in many industries with awesome colleagues from around the world.

  • Education
    McGraw-Hill Higher Education, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), UC Irvine School of Education, & more
  • Family and lifestyle
    San Diego Family Magazine, Shanghai Family Magazine, City Weekend, & more
  • Corporate communications and brand storytelling
    WPP for Ford China, Porsche China, Flatmind Productions, & more
  • Risk management
    Control Risks

Welcome to The Writer’s Workshop for Kids and get ready for writing fun.
See you there!

As our resident wordsmith, Ronni has been instrumental in helping us craft compelling copy.

Gabriel Tan, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Greater China

With great attention to detail, Ronni demonstrated a profound knowledge of the house style (which varied for each brand), and her exemplary writing and design skills were always welcomed for print and digital projects.

Alex Purcell, Editor, Ringier Asia

I came across all of the assignments they did in IEW and creative writing class.  I read through it all and was amazed at the variety of topics and creativity they’ve shown. No doubt due to you…you motivate and inspire them.

Parent of “The Writer’s Workshop for Kids” Students

Let’s write together. You’ll smile.