Talented people in countries near and far. Disruptive industries.
Co-workers who push me to be better.

Opportunities are everywhere. It makes sense to say, “Yes!”

  • Would you like to write about cyber-trends in education? “Yes!”
  • How about fast cars and rugged trucks? “Let’s go!”
  • Can you teach kids to write? “We’ll dream up incredible stories!”
  • I need an article by the end of the week. “No problem!”
  • I need this edited asap. “Send it!”
  • Have you ever done this before? “No, but I’ll learn how. Every time.”

Aww, thanks. Couldn’t do it without you!

As our resident wordsmith, Ronni has been instrumental in helping us craft compelling copy.

Gabriel Tan, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Greater China

With great attention to detail, she demonstrated a profound knowledge of the house style (which varied for each brand), and her exemplary writing and design skills were always welcomed for print and digital projects.

Alex Purcell, Editor, Ringier Asia

I came across all of the assignments they did in IEW and creative writing class.  I read through it all and was amazed at the variety of topics and creativity they’ve shown.  No doubt due to you…you motivate and inspire them 🙂

Parent of Amazing “Writers Workshop for Kids” Students

Let’s talk. I’ll write. You’ll smile.

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