The best part about teaching is the laughs, ideas, and creativity we share! And it’s always nice to receive feedback from parents about their children’s breakthroughs, inspiration, and excitement while writing!

You’ve certainly been a precious gem to us; to get Chloe to lift a pencil to paper is a tough task and you’ve made it happen for her!

Mom of daughter, 9

Aishah came back on Tuesday saying she really liked the class even though she thought she would hate it. Thank you for being you.

Mom of sons, 9 & 6, and daughter, 8

Thank you for such a great class today.  Robby really enjoyed himself, which is amazing considering how he has generally felt about writing! 🙂 

Mom of son, 11

Kaleb is thriving on the encouragement that
you have been giving him through your feedback on his work.

Mom of son, 2nd grade

Thank you for seeing what she is doing right and encouraging her where I can’t see the progress.

Mom of daughter, 9

Mariam has really enjoyed the class a lot.  It’s been nice for her to write on a regular basis while enjoying it rather than being forced to write and confused on what she should write about.  When she comes back from class she knows exactly what she will write about with no help from me (that’s the best part). 

Mom of daughter, 9

I just had to let you know that I had three families in a single day tell me how upset they were about your upcoming move. You were a hot topic during my meetings. They love you!

Education Specialist, Sky Mountain Charter School (2011)

Cooper actually said the class was fun, which is high praise from someone who really doesn’t like to write. 

Mom of sons, 11 and 9

They really enjoy your class and are having their best creative writing experience ever in your truly creative class. Your positive written feedback has been boosting their self-esteem and/or erased thoughts of having failed.

Mom of son, 12, and daughter, 9

Let’s write something together.