All About Me

All About Me!

Write about yourself, and your family, friends, and community! This 4-week class includes a weekly 35-minute Zoom call, Google Classroom materials, & personal feedback.


5 students


Class Description:

🙂 Lesson 1: All About Me!
It’s wonderful to meet you! Write an autobiographical “I Am…” poem and acrostic name poem.

🦹‍♂️ Lesson 2: Meet My Super Family!
Your family and pets are super! Find out your superhero name, and brainstorm adjectives to describe superheroes. Write a comic style story about your super family!

🧑‍🍳 Lesson 3: Recipes for a Great Friend!
Write a recipe for friendship. Add 2 cups of playing soccer. Stir in one teaspoon of listening. Mix well. 😂 Write about your best friend and draw a picture of you doing your favorite activity together.

🚗 Lesson 4: Out & About In My Community!
Do you play t-ball or attend a scouting group? Do you go to the beach or hike in the mountains? Do you play in a favorite park? Draw a map that shows your house and favorite places in your community. Write a short story.


I have 25 years of writing and editing experience, and five years as a writing instructor.

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