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Author Testimonials

Wonderful job! I'deyah loves the questions. We were "wowed" by each chapter. What you provided so far, I feel as though any teacher can use our teacher's guide and effectively provide a three-week rich and invigorating literature program for the book. I'm so excited.

M.R., Climbing Cloud Publishing

Congratulations, partner! We're on a roll. Thanks for all you did. We wouldn't have a book without you.

H.E.B., Textbook Author

I love that you make me think outside my head! These characters just say what they want and go where ever the wind blows and I need a fabulous editor like you to keep me grounded and connecting the dots.

V.D., Fiction Author


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Publisher Testimonials

A thousand thank you’s for completing these chapters so quickly! Thanks Ronni, especially for taking the time to edit those awkwardly worded questions. Thanks also, and again, for your enthusiasm—I swear, you would find something good to say about any project I sent you!

E.P., McGraw-Hill Editor

Hi Ronni, I’m thrilled you’re available! This project has been a whirlwind of authors dropping out because of over-commitments so I’m happy to have someone on board who I know can deliver.

S.C., McGraw-Hill Editor

I have a project I need fast help on and immediately thought of you.

C.L., McGraw-Hill Editor

[Our in-house Senior Production Editor] said there wasn't a lot of editorial work to do, so please let Ronni know. This book is more than on its way to becoming a reality.

M.L., Teachers College Press Editor

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Writers Workshop Testimonials

Thank you so much for your all of your positive feedback. My daughter is actually sitting down by herself and writing her stories all by herself. I don't even have to hound her. I attribute her new "can do" attitude in writing to your fun style of teaching and your supportive feedback!

L.D., Seal Beach
Mother of 5th grade girl

I truly believe that the two most important ingredients in becoming a good writer are reading - LOTS - and writing - LOTS. By encouraging your students, by feeding their excitement about writing, you will do far more towards improving their grammar or punctuation than drill work will do. In short - YOU ROCK!

T.D., Lake Forest
Mother of 3rd grade girl

[My daughter] said that class is way cool and she wanted to go to one of your classes every day of the week.

E.S., Aliso Viejo,
Mother of 3rd grade

My son loves the class and immediately said yes to coming again.

M.G., Mission Viejo,
Mother of 3rd grade