This website gives you a detailed look at my work and projects during the last several years. Opportunities to grow and work keep showing up, and I keep saying, "Yes."



I have two daughters in 10th and 8th grades. One loves all things crafty and artsy, and the other is all things animals and science. I've enjoyed watching them grow older and develop their individual interests and tastes.

We live in on the 23rd floor of an apartment in Shanghai, China with a golden retriever named Scooby and a black and white cat named Cleo.


I walk Scooby everyday, which is a good break from the STIY* principle (*stay in your chair). A writer can't stay in her chair ALL the time!

I spend part of each week exploring Shanghai on foot, by taxi, and on subways.

Writers do a lot of sitting. I like to balance that with wiggling around in my free time.